Ecommerce Website Design & Marketing

Ecommerce Overview

Ecommerce sites wholesale and retail products and services on the internet. EVE INFOTECH specializes in programming and researching methods to monetize these sites through direct sales of products and services or advertising/sponsorship. Marketing and programming these sorts of projects requires a number of skill sets. Successful ecommerce sites have done so by providing products and services that are priced, promoted and developed properly resulting in a website that has exceptional visibility, usability so it is easily found and navigated by visitors benefitting them with quality products and services at a competitive price!

Web Application Development

International Website Builders provides web application design build services for several industries from real estate and property managers to task oriented online marketing services and customized search applications. We determine the best hardware software and platform for your customized web applications, document the features required and expected functionality of the features for proposals to be implemented by EVE INFOTECH or a third party sub contractor.

Web & Enterprise Portal Development

EVE INFOTECH has developed and marketed several web and enterprise portals for the financial services, real estate and search engine marketing industries. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver what you require not what we happen to provide. If it makes sense to use an open source platform to meet your budget and needs then EVE INFOTECH will find it and implement it

Web Design and Development

EVE INFOTECH works with top designers to produce high quality aesthetic elements and graphics for a website. Our philosophy is quality is not sacrificed to keep it in house so if the design elements are beyond our capabilities we do not hesitate to contact out long list of contractors. We take full responsibility for their work because we hired them. The research and development experience that EVE INFOTECH possesses coupled with our sub contractors provides a level of expertise seldom seen in even the largest agencies because we are not limited to the talent at any one firm or provider. We seek out the brightest and best subs focusing on quality and service not costs and margins.

Web Database Programming and SQL Server Admin

Our managers possess at least ten years or more of database admin and SQL programming experience. EVE INFOTECH has run Microsoft SQL Server from version 7 up to version 2005. Very limited MySQL and Linux based DataBase programming.

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